Fluidstance gives new meaning to “surfing” the web

Fluidstance gives new meaning to “surfing” the web

We’re so excited to be reviewing the Fluidstance Balance Board for standing desks. In the often static world of office design, this deck is giving us life.

Fluidstance offers several options of sleekly designed balance boards for use at standing desks. You simply board the deck one foot at a time and shift your weight to center. Easy! Or is it?

This balancing board will get you in tuned with your core. Its design offers 360-degree omnidirectional rotation: front, back, side to side, to challenge your balance in micro-movements to keep the board center.

The Benefits of Balancing

What may appear as office novelty is far from it. This board is a sneaky way to burn calories without barely paying attention to the adjustments your body makes to keep you centered on the board.

I often found myself gravitating to it while on sales and client calls. What I discovered was super cool. It mitigated any low-level phone anxiety I may otherwise feel when getting on calls that my Business Development Director (a social butterfly) usually takes. As a natural introvert, I found the subtle challenge of balancing while on the phone was enough to metaphorically take the edge off, or my main focus off of the impending need to justify to a non-tech-savvy client prospect why they should invest thousands in an SEO strategy that would pay off in months down the line.

My mood is also altered by spending time on the Fluidstance Balance Deck as opposed to having my butt in a chair all day (and then again at night for COD Zombies sessions). My remote team even noted, “You seem to be in very high spirits today.” I promptly connected the dots that I was standing, and unlike just standing at my elevated desk, was having micro moments of happiness force challenging myself to get off balance and rebalance the board.


The construction is heavy-duty, supporting any weight – yes any, and everybody will be able to board the board. In fact, you can drive a truck over the thing without breaking it. That’s because their mainboard models are constructed with die-cast, military-grade aluminum.

Easy? Perhaps.

Does your office setup have carpet or hardwood/laminate? I would refer to the carpet as the Easy setting and hardwood as the Hard setting. The less stable the round point of contact is with the flooring, the more challenging it becomes to balance. I believe you could easily intro yourself to the standing desk balance board by using a temporary welcome rug if you only have hard flooring surfaces available.

If you’re looking for even more of a challenge, they sell another model called The Level which has adjustable hardware options for more challenge.

Only have carpet but want to challenge your balance powers? Add The Base Mat to your cart for a dual-purpose hard surface and floor protector.

Now for the pricing breakdown.

Now that I’ve gotten you all excited about “surfing” the web at your standing desk on a Fluidstance balance board, let me momentarily give you pause. Their flagship model, The Origial costs a whopping $439! Balance that checkbook while we give you some other options.

Fluidstance Standing Desk Balance Board Models:

At GadgetVibes, we were impressed with The Level – as the middle ground in strength and price, and with the adjustable Challenge Cap added at no additional price, it’s definitely a great buy. However, we’re thrilled they debuted a third option, The Plane Cloud, which is made from 100% recycled plastic and STILL is rated to support 250 lbs. At the lowest price point, it’s a smart buy for yourself or a bundle for your team at work.

What a great company always does is stand behind their product. If you don’t like your Fluidstance Standing Desk Balance Board after 30 days, you can get your money back in full.

Our smart bet would be starting at The Plane Cloud if you’re looking to shake up your day at an affordable rate. If you’re a serious office professional looking for a sleek furniture piece (that doubles as a conversation starter), then go for The Original. Or if you’re looking to burn calories, fix your posture and have adjustable options, the Level is right for you.

Regardless, you can’t go wrong with Fluidstance. This company keeps releasing great new office items that help you think about your workday differently and we think they’d be a great gift for a boss or coworker for their birthday or an important holiday.

If you’re a boss, you can’t go wrong gifting these to your team. They will have a blast and their productivity will be a gift right back to you.

Other Fluidstance Boards

#     PreviewProduct Purchase
1 the level The Level® View
2 The original The Original View
3 The Plane® Cloud The Plane® Cloud View


  • Burn Calories 
  • Helps Posture
  • Sleek Design


  • High Price Point