Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit

Hey everybody! Welcome back to another review. Today we finally got our hands on the most popular smart lights since 2018: the Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit. This kit comes with 9 light panels (LED Light squares), a set of connetors, an ac power adapter and the 3m custom branded Nanoleaf mounting strips (like hero tape).

High Level: What We Loved

  • Touch-enabled for fun interactivity
  • Rythm module built in – see your music reflected in light on your wall
  • Built in control panel – seamless design adds touch function if you dont want to pull out your phone and use the app
  • Textured Panels
  • Variety of connection points – seemingly endless configurations are possible!
  • Super easy installation process that was intuitive
  • 9 panels is enough to start with

What we didn’t love

Canvas had a plumb hard time connecting to our network. I found the app experience to be not the most intuitive and that’s coming from a seasoned techhie. If Nanoleaf is listening, improve the onboarding process in the app.

Nanoleaf Designs

Smart lighting becomes a creative artistic canvas with the Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit. With 9 panels to start with you can make simple patterns and designs, but if you have the cash to build your panel number, you can actually make 16bit art designs like minecraft characters, animals, plants and more! Really whatever you can think up, you can design with the Nanoleaf app and touch enabled panels that come with the Canvas Starter Kit. I’m coming up with new Nanoleaf Canvas designs every day.

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A Surprising Use: Benefit of Redlight Therapy

One thing I love doing at night is turning on my nanoleaf lights and setting them to deep red tones. Did you know that there’s tons of benefits of red light therapy? No joke: some studies show red light therapy has positive effects on depression, seasonal affective disorder, and postpartum depression among others.

I also use different warm hues in combination with by Benq Monitor Light Bar to ease the strain on my eyes from all day staring at my WFH computer screen to switching over to my PS5 gaming routine in the evening.

How many nanoleaf can you connect?

You maybe wondering, “how many nanoleaf can you connect”? We asked and you can link up to 30 with one base controller. But other sources say you can link up to 500 nanoleaf. You may have seen one kid’s viral tiktok this year.


In summary, if you’re looking to add light squares to your office or gaming room, we would consider Nanoleaf best buy of 2022 so far. We will also be adding it to our list of Best WFH office accessories for 2022.

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And because this wasn’t a paid review, we’re not going to short you on Nanoleaf alternatives. Because, let’s face it, Nanoleaf are expensive af!


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