Zew Box Luxury Watch Club

A Luxury Watch Club Changing How You Buy Watches

Zew Box is an all-new luxury watch club that offers members access to an exclusive watch club that is set on changing the way you collect watches. These watches will be set to be sent out once per quarter.

What is Different About Zew Box?

A dedicated team of engineers, designers, and business insiders who’ve worked for over a decade providing the market with only the highest luxury watches.

1. Precise Engineering

Zew Box prides themselves on using the best high-quality components and advanced engineering. Premium partners must submit their watches through a very rigorous evaluation program before they are qualified to be a Zew Box partnering brand.

2. Only The Finest Materials and Craftsmanship

You only want the most beautiful watches, made right, with only the best raw materials. Zew Box uses Swiss movements, sapphire crystals, and the strongest metal materials to construct watches that you will be able to use and wear for a lifetime

3. The Best Prices

Zew will only sell directly to their members, cutting out the unnecessary markups that are added on when shopping with outlets and online retailers. Get the same luxury watch at a more affordable price.

Not A Subscription Box

Zew Box is NOT a subscription box, but rather a club for watch aficionado who are watch addicts looking for the next best piece to add to their collection. When you join you’ll always know exactly what watch you’ll be getting next. The watches will be showcased to the members which will show the featured watch coming out for that quarter.

Getting a watch every quarter is great, but Zew going even further! Each quarter you’ll have the ability to customize and design the watch to your exact preferences to ensure the watch you get is the exact style that fits you!

Design Each Watch To Your Liking

When becoming a member you’ll have the ability to set your preference each quarter on the following options.

  1. Case finish: Polished or Brushed (Siler, Polished or Brushed PVD Black)
  2. Bracelet Style and Finish
  3. Dial Color

Become Apart of the Zew Box Club Now!