XKchrome: Reinventing Automotive Lighting

The future has never looked so bright

xkchrome app

SPRINGFIELD, IL; XK GLOW, a collective of lighting engineers, has created a new program and system, XKchrome designed to let you manipulate LED lighting like never before!  Using your smartphone and XKchrome’s innovative LED lighting design, these designers have given you unprecedented control over your lighting displays, letting you change colors, patterns, and even rhythm and speed.  This new level of control brings charm and interest to any setting or event.

XKchrome’s designers know that “Your smartphone is a powerful hub with various input sensors. XKchrome utilizes them all to interact with light like never before. Far from another “remote control” style LED, we built XKchrome to “play with light” using the camera, microphone, accelerometer, music and more. With a versatile design and your wildest imagination, XKchrome helps you turn everyday object or living space into stunning focal point.”

XK GLOW has always been committed to innovation, with more than 6 years of experience in the LED+App field, and XKchrome is no exception.  In order to achieve this, they have created two incredible products for this groundbreaking system.

  • A revolutionary control system, which not only consists of a controller that lets you set light patterns and rhythms, but also the option of using your smartphone.  You can even use your camera to select colors from the real world!
  • Pairable hardware, including strips of impact tested LED lights and lengths of flexible silicon rubber, which is water proof.


“XK GLOW is founded by a group of design and tech enthusiasts with over 6 years of experience in App+LED innovation. XKchrome is the 3rd generation advanced system resulted from our tireless pursue of the best LED lighting in automobile industry. Our team members came from US and China and are highly specialized in industrial design, software and hardware. We hope our project can change the way people interact with light and their vehicle.”