Walk Wing the Heelies you actually want

You may walk and ride as if you have wings on your feet with Walk Wing, the retractable wheels that you can put into your shoes. You slip on the shell, strap yourself in, and lower the wheels with a push of a button while wearing almost any shoes (stilettos are not recommended). When you come across an area that isn’t suitable for wheels, you can swiftly switch back to walking by pressing the same button. You will be able to walk with your flat shoes since the retractable wheels will be lifted.

The four rubber wheels are durable enough for daily usage, but the units are light enough not to interfere with your walking. The flexible straps enhance comfort and support while the Walk Wing keeps your shoes near to the ground for a more stable and comfortable ride. The Walk Wing is available in four sizes and comes in white and black.

Your shoes become roller skates with Walk Wings

Readers of that certain age may recall the old-school roller skates that were worn over the top of conventional shoes. The Cardiff Skate Company has revived the concept, but with rollerblade-style wheels rather than the classic steel wheels. With strap-on skates with retractable rubber wheels, Walk Wing takes the concept a step further.

A heel harness, toe cover, and ratcheting ankle strap secure each Walk Wing to the user’s existing shoes. The four polyurethane wheels slide down into place when a lever in the back is slid, allowing for just some roller skatin’ action. A heel brake is situated beneath the wheel-release lever and is used to stop the vehicle.

When the user comes across a barrier, such as stairs or a gravel path, they just flick the lever back to its original position and draw the wheels back up. The Walk Wings come with a harness for keeping them when not in use, as they’d be a little odd to walk in for long periods of time even with their wheels drawn up.

Should I Roll or Walk With My Walk Wings?

Walk Wings are adult-sized versions of Fisher-Price strap-on rollerblades. Sure, they feature retractable wheels that permit you to switch from walking to skating, but the premise isn’t too far off: slip on your shoes, get into the Walk Wing, buckle them in, and roll.


  • Your dog can drag you around (video) and save you the trouble of having to walk.
  • It’s much easier to jump stairs with them than with roller skates or blades.
  • Are they socially acceptable in comparison to adult Heelys?


  • You’ll end up looking a little like Frankenstein as you walk.
  • When you run, you hear an annoying clicking noise.
  • Passers-annoying by’s eye-rolling

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Choosing Walk wing Heelies?

Walk Wings, a new type of shoe, might make your everyday commute a lot more entertaining.

The shoes seem like vintage strap-on roller skates, but they’re made for adults and include retractable wheels. A heel strap, toe cover, and ankle strap secure each Walk Wing to the user’s existing footwear, transforming a regular stroll into a roller disco.

A lever at the base of the shoe is slid into place, allowing the four rubber wheels to fall into place. A heel brake, located beneath the lever to release the wheels, lets users to stop in the same way that roller blades do.

Users bring the wheels back up by pushing the lever back to its starting position when they reach stairs or rough areas. Walk Wings also available with an unique backpack for carrying them between commutes if you don’t want to walk with the brackets on. The sole is made of materials used in sporting events, and the four wheels have low centers of gravity for easy balancing.

If you’re interested in purchasing a pair, an Indiegogo campaign is now underway. When and if they reach production, a pledge of $90 will buy you some. The retail price is likely to be in the neighborhood of $200.

You can have seen them in action in the video below. On Wheelz is a different take on add-on roller skates, albeit they require you to either buy special shoes or have an existing pair adjusted.


An easy to grab Walk Wing alternative from Amazon is shockingly made by Segway! That’s right the infamous stand up scooters. Check out these Segway Ninebot Drift W1 Electric Roller Skates Hovershoes!

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