Ultimate Voice Builder

Gary Catona’s Voice Builder

The Ultimate Voice Builder is a series of lessons targeting the muscles specifically involved in producing the sounds we pronounce. This technique was developed through years of study and research by famed voice builder/coach, Gary Catona. By targeting “voice” muscles and working on them in the same way a body-builder would work on his biceps, Catona developed a technique that can make anyone improve.

Gary Catona’s clients have included Whitney Houston, Steven Tyler, Stevie Wonder, Katy Perry, Andrea Bocelli, Muhammad Ali, Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys), Dawn Robinson (En Vogue), Babyface, Paula Abdul and Lenny Kravitz, amongst many others. He has been Hollywood’s GO-TO voice coach and fixer in vocal rehabilitation.

Following 35 years and more than 200 of the best voices in the singing, acting, and talking businesses as his students, Gary Catona has taken his progressive voice building framework to the world.  To enable him to achieve his objective of changing the universe of voice, Catona has made and propelled a brilliant DVD called Ultimate Voice Builder, in which the quintessence of his voice building framework is introduced in a simple, easy to use way.

Gary Catona’s Voice Building framework is the consequence of years of study and research into the physical premise of the human voice. Considering the way that his framework manufactures stunning force, reverberation, range, and control into the voice, there is no telling what number of whizzes will rise up out of working with his Ultimate Voice Builder. Through his stunning voice building framework, he will change perpetually how the human voice is both comprehended and treated. With the Ultimate Voice Builder, now anybody can be his understudy!

Ultimate Voice Builder System

Catona’s progressive procedure for building up the muscles of the human voice makes Catona’s voice building framework one of a kind. Not at all like all different ways to deal with vocal change, his framework focuses only on building the muscles of the larynx (voice box), pharynx, (throat), oral cavity (mouth), and velum (soft palate).  According to this present day maestro:  Breathing activities are a misuse of time.  Diaphragm bolster is misconception.  Mask-singing is unsafe and ugly sounding.  Relaxing the throat is a strange idea.  The unparalleled accomplishment of his voice building framework is the incontestable confirmation that his approach is right on the grounds that it contradicts what commonplace voice teachers hone.

For example, Catona imagines vocal working as a sort of game and the artist or vocal ability as a sort of athlete.  This implies that high-level vocal wellness is the key to the immense voice, and that the main true blue approach to “vocal wellness” is through utilizing uniquely planned voice-building practices that overwork the vocal muscles. Startling vocal abundance and capacity will dependably take after this sort of vocal exercise routine.

The product is now available through website in UVb Stream Access format for $34.95 or on DVD for for $39.95 https://ultimatevoicebuilder.com/