TuneWear TunePencil Stylus DrawPro 2

tunepencil drawpro 2

We were asked what were our favorite stylus pen was. After searching long and hard and testing all the stylus pens we could get our hands on; we came to the conclusion that the TuneWear TunePencil DrawPro 2 was by far the best stylus been on the market!

The TuneWear TunePencil DrawPro 2 is a stylus pen that has a different design than a lot of the other stylus pens on the market. This specific pen employs a transparent spring tip that moves freely for precise drawing and writing. Because of this spring, it offers the smoothness and accuracy just like using a regular pen and paper.

Made from using a lightweight aluminum, it only gives the pen the weight of about 22 grams. The clip on the top is handy for attaching it to a shirt pocket, documents or protective cases such as Smart Cover or TUNEFOLIO URBAN.

The TunePencil DrawPro 2 is only available in a classy black aluminum finish. One of the great things about this stylus pen is if any of the parts break; they can easily be replaced to give your pen a long long-lasting use.

tunepencil drawpro

This accessory is compatible with:

– Apple iPhone 5s / iPhone 5c / iPhone 5

– Apple iPhone 4s / Apple iPhone 4

– Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen

– Apple iPad Air

– Apple iPad 4

– Apple iPad 3

– Apple iPad Mini / Mini 2

Colors Available: – Black

DrawPro Specifications:

– Size: 120(H) x 10(W) x 10(D)mm

– Weight: approximately 22g

– Material: Aluminum body

Package Includes:


– Protective cap

– Tip protective film x 5pcs

Final Thoughts

After using this stylus pen, it was easy to say this was by far the best stylus pen we have used thus far. The pen is as easy as using pen and paper. The lines are easy to draw and the pen s extremely responsive with any program you are using. Whether you want to use this stylus pen with SnapChat or you’re using it for professional use, this would be the best and most reliable option.


Check out out video for a more in-depth review on the DrawPro stylus pen