TuneWear CableArt Charging Cable


Tunewear CableArt

TuneWear has taking a different approach to fixing a cable problem that many people have. The CableArt line of products attempts to solve the problems of aesthetics, protection of the cable and portability. If you have a phone or a tablet then you can testify to the fact that charging cords are brokn easily and are terrible for portability. These are problems that anyone with a Apple device has experience before. The TuneWear CableAart offers a new function that makes carrying the Charging/Sync cable why protecting the fragile Lightning connector with a cover.

CableArt combines artistic charm with the functionality of protecting and carrying the cable. It also serves as a simple key holder with visual art piece. The style of this case allows you to never forget your charging cable again. This unique charging cable in the shape of a lantern allows you to hang it on your backpack or any other bag for easy access. The charging cable lets you always have your cord with you no matter where you are.

cableart style

Final Thoughts

Overall, we think that this is a good idea and something that does make your life easier when it comes to carrying your cable around and protecting it. But, there are a couple things we would have changed about it. To start the cord isn’t long enough, if you are going to be charging something you want to have a little slack between your charger and device. Second, the cord isn’t MFi certified, so you will get an error when you are charging saying that it does not support this device. We like the design of the CableHeart and the idea, but if these two minor things were changed then we would give this a better rating. We rate this 3 out of 5 stars.