Trasense Movement: The Smartest Daily Tracker

Trasence movement

Meet Trasense Movement, the smart wearable for under $30! Trasense is the all new daily tracker making smart devices beautifully designed and affordable. 36 months have been spent changing the shapes, sizes, and technology to make Trasense the best smart wearable experience. Trasense isn’t like the rest of the smart device out there instead, this smart wearable has been completely rethink to be connected into our daily live to help us better understand our habits.

How is Trasense different?

  • Lightweight and comfortable yet elegant
  • Incredibly powerful efficient piece of hardware with a 7 day battery
  • A connected app that provides insights and action-oriented data

What is it made of?

A polycarbonate casing and aluminum bean. Silicone material for lightweight and comfortable fit with resistance to UV discoloring. The Polycarbonate and aluminum provides a lightweight housing that is also waterproof and contains a Bluetooth signal to connect to your smart devices.

Trasense Movement The Smartest Daily Tracker


Trasense has combined a proprietary algorithm and hardware architecture allowing them to gain even more from their product. Using only the best in class Bluetooth 4.0 hardware, a handcrafted PCB, and ROHMS accelerometer we have been able to reliably get seven days of use time out of one full charge.

Action-Oriented Data:

Trasense allows you to see what you have been doing. It takes the information it has gathered from you and gives you small tweaks to use every day to make big improvements in your habits and health. The third generation LYTICS app for THE MOVEMENT not only provides the normal data points, but are “baking-in” data visualization that helps you understand how to stay on track to hit your targets.



This will be the first product Trasense will be releasing onto the market and after tons of prototypes; they have finally developed the final version. BUT, they need your help! As of now they has started their KickStarter campaign and they have raised 25% of their goal in only 3 hours of the launch and are now at 96% of their goal! They have amazing rewards for all those who pledge money to help their cause! Go check out the Movement now HERE!