This 3 in 1 Soundbot Stand Deserves A Standing Ovation!

soundbot stand multifunction

Soundbot 3 in 1

The SoundBot 3 in 1 Wireless Speaker was surprisingly a pleasant addition to my daily routine.

This “speaker” is actually a multi-functional tablet stand. It has an adjustable articulate arm that allows for positioning for optimal readability (or watch-ability, let’s be honest this thing is awesome for streaming some Netflix).

The stand is also equipped with a touch light. Simply tap the light bulb icon and a brilliant led light pops on to help with reading, atmosphere or whatever you need it for (finding your popcorn while streaming more Netflix on your tablet).


Lastly, there is a bluetooth speaker equipped as well. This has a 10 foot range for wireless playing which really isn’t great for parties or what not, but the idea is that you will use the speaker while simultaneously using the stand for your tablet (FOR STREAMING NETFLIX, OKAY?!). In this case, the three functions work together to give you a better experience while utilizing your smart tablet.

The speaker quality isn’t the highest in my opinion. It boasts little bass and sounds pretty tinny when playing it compared to speakers of similar size. I will give the LED lights credit as they are VERY bright and give off a calming cool blue tone.

This is a great addition to a reading nook or bedside table. I think it would make a great gift for those who enjoy reading or streaming tv or movies (which pretty much encompasses everyone these days!)

Further more, this is on sale right now on Amazon for only $29.99 and has free shipping!

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