The Toddler Monitor

DECCO The Toddler Monitor

DECCO is a simple, smart solution for parents with mobile children! This simple device hangs on your child’s bedroom doorknob and when your little one opens the door, you get a notification on your iPhone or Android device from the Decco App.

The cute character is a friendly companion for your child and its tech help gives parents peace of mind knowing that their toddler is safe in their room or if they need to go check on why they have left.

What we really like about the tech behind DECCO is that it is BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy. This means that DECCO doesn’t suck up your battery. It’s Bluetooth capabilities also make it travel-friendly in places where there isn’t wifi. You can easily take DECCO to friends and family member’s homes and your peace of mind goes with you.

Personally, we could see this being useful on other doors in the home like medicine cabinets or doors to outdoors. These are more high-risk areas than your child simply roaming out of his or her bedroom. The nice thing is that you can easily mount DECCO wherever it is needed most to guarantee your kid’s safety.

While there is much to be debated about how long DECCO should stick around (hey mom and dad, give your teens some freedom!), during the tumultuous toddler years, we definitely see this to be a great life hack for parents with adventurous tots!

DECCO holds a battery charge for about 7 days with daily use. We like that the battery is a simple USB rechargeable unit, but if your life is so busy you can’t always keep an eye on the kiddos… you may forget to charge DECCO every week. It would be great if this could be longer between charges and have an extended battery life.

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