The Nomad Powerpack: trackable battery

We’re back again with another review for Nomad products! These ultra-rugged, ultra-modern products are created for heavy use by those who have places to go. Today on the docket: the Nomad Powerpack.

What is a trackable battery?

Simple. You can get lost but your battery never will.

Meet tile, the tiny tracker that Nomad has partnered with to create this trackable battery. The companies teamed up and created an app for both iOS and Android phones that allows you to see the last time and place you had your battery. You can ring the PowerPack from the app. If it’s not where the app last saw it, the GPS¬†(global network) can tell you where it is now.

Nomad Trackable Power Pack Ultra Rugged Battery Bank | E-List Reviews


We highly recommend this 9,000 mAh battery for its long lasting life yet uber compact size. It’s portable and durable; perfect for urban or rural adventurers.

We all know that we can misplace things. Nomad understood the frustration of never being able to remember where you set down your battery so they created this trackable solution.

Now, will you really lose this thing when you realize you’re going to spend $120 on a Power Pack? Probably not.

That being said, if it’s still useful to you, the money will be spent on a product that delivers on battery life and has military drop grade approval.

Product Design

Its minimalist design is what we’ve come to know and love about Nomad products. There’s no fluff here.

The textured exterior is pleasing to the touch. Everything about this product oozes quality. It has a durable polycarbonate frame that protects it from any drop you’re going to face out there on your nomadic expeditions! But they didn’t stop there. Nomad is always thinking about how to best serve their users. They included AmbientIQ, a technology that measures the ambient light levels and then adjusts the LED status lights to be easily viewable in bright sun. But more importantly, they dim significantly in dark rooms.

If you want a long lasting battery that will stick around for a long time, there’s absolutely no reason not to choose the Nomad Powerpack.

To learn more about it visit their story page here. To purchase the Nomad Powerpack, visit their site here.

Happy travels, Nomads!