The multi-port for everyone
Aukey M3H4 Aluminum USB 3.0 4 Ports HUB


It’s like a magical docking port for all your charging needs. We legitimately tried to make one of these once with some pipes, boards and wiring in the back of Eric’s dad’s garage one day. Let me tell you, this thing is way better.


aukey_m3h4_01The USB port by Aukey has 4 joined usb ports coupled with a sleek, modern design. It also has the option to purchase a model with 7 or 10 ports. That’s a lot of charging power! We really liked how compact it was and the angled design made it easy to plug and unplug.

We don’t travel (yet…) but if you do they have different models that fit each country’s power specifications. That’s a universal port!

And guess what? It comes with an 18 month warauntee and its a…. GREEN PRODUCT! HOORAY! This gets the e-list seal of approval