Smartakus The Worst Battery Case On The Market

Smartakus Velite-VI-as-Smart-Object-1

One thing that I found extremely helpful with my iPhone is having a battery case. Because I’m on my phone so often the batter just drains and I’m constantly charging it. Sure I can carry around a power pack, but sometimes I don’t want to have to lug one around. So, of course, the next best thing is a battery case.

This Velite VI battery case for the iPhone 6/6s is made by a company called Smartakus. Smartakus is fairly new in the market and specialize in battery cases, speakers, and headphones. Well I guess specialize is a stretch for them…

Smartakus Velite VI Battery Case Specs

So let’s get right into this case. This case claims to be the thinnest and most lightweight battery case for the iPhone 6. I have reviewed around 15 of them and I will say that is 100% accurate. They say that you can also simultaneously charge your Smartakus Velite VI and your iPhone 6 with your Lightning cable at the same time. Which is a great use because you can kill two birds with one stone. You can also get 75% more battery life to keep your iPhone 6 running strong with one charge from the Velite VI.

The one thing that I did notice on this case that I have yet to see on any other battery cases for the iPhone is you can charge the actual battery case with the lightning cord. Usually all the battery cases can only be charged with a micro USB, which is just stupid and makes no sense.

Velite VI Testing

Now this case sounds awesome right? It’s the thinnest battery case on the market, you can charge it with your lightning cord, and it can give you up to 75% more batter in one charge. Well the biggest problem with this case is… IT DOESN’T WORK. I have gone through 2 of these phones, each lasting about 3 weeks a piece. When you go to charge your phone with the case you will get a static noise that comes from your phone’s speakers (I have tried this on multiple cases). And the phone will stop taking a charge. The LED’s on the back of the phone which indicate how much battery is left will no longer work, and no matter how long you charge the case for it won’t hold any power.

The case looks cool, has all the features that I want in a case, and FINALLY is a battery case that you use a lightning cord to charge, yet it doesn’t work. Now you can say, well that was just one case that didn’t work. Well no, recall that I tried 2 separate cases, and tried it with multiple phones and the problems still continued.

Smartakus Velite-VI--side-as-Smart-Object-1

Final Thoughts

For a phone case that has everything that I have been looking for, and for how stylish it is, it was a huge failure. On top of the phone being a failure so was their customer service with the quote “I’m sorry for the inconvenience”. Yes the first case was given to me, but the second one I personally bought, so I would expect better customer service. All in all I reward this case with the worst battery case on the market!