Sevenhugs Smart Remote

Sevenhugs Smart Remote

So you pop in one of your favorite DVDs. You got popcorn cooking and you dimmed the lights.
But then you must grab the TV remote and change the input. Then you have to grab the DVD
player remote and press play. Then you have to find the remote for the soundbar to turn up the
volume. If you’re lucky you might find all three remotes before the popcorn is done, or you
might spend a few extra minutes searching before you smell the burning popcorn. Wouldn’t it
be nice if there was one remote for everything? One that could control more than just the TV
and DVD player?

The Product

Smart Remote is exactly what it sounds like; a remote that controls just about everything in your
house. Smart Remote can control nearly everything, your TV, speakers, lights, thermostat and
more. Simply point the remote at the device you want to control and the touch screen display
will adjust its display. The display will show different options for each device you point it at.
Pointing at your lights might show an on/off switch while pointing at your TV would show a
traditional remote with numbers and volume control. Pointing Smart Remote outside will show
the current weather and temperature and pointing it at your door will give an option to order and


Sevenhugs Smart Remote

How The Sevenhugs Remote Works

Smart Remote uses Sevenhugs’ patent-pending Point & Control technology to recognize
different devices. Simply mount a sensor in a room you will be using the remote and use the
Smart Remote app to connect your devices. Point & Control technology uses a 9-axis motion
sensor along with the indoor positioning program to track its orientation. This allows the remote
to adjust to different devices within 3D space.


  • High Definition Touchscreen
  • Soft-touch silicone body
  • USB-C charging baseThe lost-and-found button on charging base
  • 3 room sensors


    Based out of San Francisco and Paris, Sevenhugs was founded in 2014. With a team of
    experienced engineers and marketers, they seek to create devices for the smart home. The team
    has also created hugOne, a product to track and improve your family’s sleep. hugOne and Smart
    Remote have both received praise from Forbes magazine, Digital Trend and

    Smart Remote on Kickstarter

    The Smart Remote aimed to meet a goal of $50,000 on Kickstarter and were able to easily make $1,107,372 and become fully funded