See-through the Hudify GPS mount

Driving technology has advanced over the years to incorporate easy navigation. However, the problem has arisen in the placement of this display. Large GPS mounts can clutter a dashboard and smartphone mounts block your air vents. Imagine a glass, heads-up display that reflects your GPS, speed and navigation. Now, open your eyes and meet Hudify.

The Product

Hudify is a glass, heads-up display that mounts onto your dashboard. It allows you to see right through the screen itself so that the display doesn’t become a distraction to your driving. First, you must download Hudify’s sister application, Navmii, for your smartphone. The application is available for most smartphones and Hudify’s mount fits most sizes.

How it works

After loading the Hudify application onto your smartphone, simply mount your phone face-up on the Hudify dashboard mount. The application on the screen of your phone is reflected onto the glass display in front of you. Here, you will be able to see your speed and GPS turn-by-turn directions right above your steering wheel, or wherever you mount your Hudify.

Since the heads-up display is glass, drivers will be able to see behind it through the windshield and still pay attention to the road. Hudify also includes five different user interface options. You can easily swipe between the different UI which limits distractions of fumbling with your phone while driving.

Since Hudify is a glass screen that reflects your phone, it is possible to imagine that other applications might work with Hudify as well. However, using the sister application, Navmii, would be recommended for optimization of the dashboard mount.


• High-strength adhesive
o To attach to your car dashboard
• Flexible mat
o To curve around any spot you decide to mount Hudify
• Magnetic mount
o To keep your smartphone in place and secure
• Cradle base
o For added support of your mounted smartphone
• Neodymium magnet
o Additional magnet to keep your smartphone from sliding from the mount
• Non-slip mat
• Optical combiner
o Reflects the screen of your phone

The company

Hudify is partnered with Navmii, which is a free navigation app for smartphones. Navmii is used in 187 countries and has over 26 million downloads. It uses simple and efficient software to make any driver’s experience easygoing while updating traffic in real time.

Working together with Hudify, Navmii makes the mount easy and simple to use, and creates an overall better experience with the application. Navmii also offers free offline navigation and additional speedometers to warn you about any potential speeding.

Hudify on Kickstarter

Hudify is still progressing towards their pledged goal, but possible retail prices for the product range from $35-45. Having a see-through mount right in front of you makes driving navigation ideal. It has the potential to save time when driving to an unfamiliar place and make uber or Lyft driving even easier. For more information, check out Hudify on Kickstarter, and check out the Navmii app on both Apple App Store and Google Play.