Rullus Ultimate Minimalist Wallet

It’s 2021 and we deserve a wallet that makes sense for the tech world we live in. Every day carry items need to be slim and lightweight while maintaining style and functionality. 

Rullus Ultra Slim Aerospace-Grade RFID Aluminium Wallet Rullus has created a highly competitive model for in the best slim wallets for men category with their recent release of The Ultimate Minimalist Wallet by Rullus. 

And what a beauty she is.

In fact, we’re going as far as to compare this sleek design to our love for the Tesla Model 3. 

Yes, Elon Musk would definitely carry this wallet — which is why we couldn’t help but model this minimal wallet with a Tesla RFID Key Card. 

It’s important we get this stated right away. When you touch these wallets, your hand can’t help but run back and forth over the soft, minimally textured aluminum surface. The size and shape feel so well balanced in the hand and is a true joy-sparking experience. There’s something more than just a thin wallet here, it’s a beautiful piece of product artistry.


What’s the big deal about going small?

Happy you asked. We’re into optimization here at GadgetVibes. Part of optimizing your life and your business is optimizing those important daily carry items.

The Rullus Minimalist is twice as light and 4 times thinner than standard wallets (bye-bye bulky leather buldge).

What’s more, it’s made of aerospace-grade aluminum which means, you’re going to have a hard time denting or damaging this thing.

rullus thin slim mens wallet

The Rullus Ultimate Minimalist Wallet Line Up

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1 Rullus Ultra Slim Aerospace-Grade Aluminium Wallet | Men's Wallet Rullus Ultra Slim Black Aerospace-Grade Aluminium Wallet View on Amazon
2 Rullus Ultra Slim Polished Aerospace-Grade Aluminium Wallet  Rullus Ultra Slim Polished Aerospace-Grade Aluminium Wallet View on Amazon
3 Rullus Ultra Slim Silver Aerospace-Grade Aluminium Wallet Rullus Ultra Slim Silver Aerospace-Grade Aluminium Wallet View on Amazon

Functionality Score

This wallet is for a modern credit/debit carrier only. There really is no way to carry cash here… but who carries cash anymore anyway?

The minimalist design really forces the user to only carry a maximum of 5 cards that would power their life: typically credit, debit, license, insurance. And really, what else do you really need to keep on you?

We would score this wallet as a 5/5 for form and function and be so bold as to call out the leader in the field, Ridge Wallets, to watch out for this up and coming competitor. Ridge scratches WAY more easily. In fact, we even tried a drop and scratch test on Rullus and… yeah, no dents or scratches.

This is a GadgetVibes approved product and would make a great personal purchase or gift purchase for the minimalist in your life.


  • Thin & Lightweight
  • Scratch Resistant
  • RFID Blocking
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Limited Colors Available 
  • No Cash Carry