PRISMO: Smartphone Optics For Liberating Photos and Videos

PRISMO: Be Fully Immersed in The Moment


Boulder, CO– Jeffrey Daiker, optical engineer and inventor, has created PRISMO, a brand new way to use your smartphone’s camera without conscious engagement.  This practical device gets attached to your smartphone’s front-facing camera and let’s users disengage with their smartphones and engage with their activities, all without losing the great shots and memories that smartphones and cameras help provide.

This practical device is incredibly simple to use.  Simply place the rubber band, which comes in the color of your choice, over your smartphone’s front-facing camera, and set your camera to front-facing mode.  Then, using photos and videos go out and capture your world in a flexible and unobtrusive way!  This amazing little gadget has numerous fun and practical uses, such as recording meetings, car trips, and even shows!

Creator Jeffrey Daiker describes PRISMO as “a revolutionary optics attachment designed expressly for smartphone front-facing cameras.  This fresh perspective enables capturing photos and videos hands-free or in a subtle and unobtrusive way – which allows you to be unencumbered and fully immersed in the moment.”

This is Daiker’s first Kickstarter project.  The project has currently raised just under $11000 towards their $25000 goal, and is open until October 1st.  The website for this product is

About Jeffrey Daiker

“Jeffrey Daiker has been an Optical Engineer for over 15 years. His experience spans a broad spectrum of optical science – from thermal imaging to laser radar. When not bending rays, Jeffrey enjoys tenkara fishing, rock climbing and is the captain of an elite Coffin Racing team.”