Nomad Rugged Case For Airpods

Nomad is no stranger to leather goods, in fact, they produce some of my all-time favorite leather phone cases for my iPhone. Surprisingly, even made with a leather case these are still pretty affordable.

Reading into online comments both on the Nomad website and YouTube the number one thing we have seen people continuously mention is the ease at which these cases gather scratches. Since this is something that you are constantly putting in and out of your pocket many times a day and probably rubbing against other things in your pocket. To us, we personally love the rustic look this gives the case and it gives it more character and uniqueness so this isn’t a complaint on our site, however, it is something to be aware of if you’re one who is more picky about the look of your case.


Nomad Airpod Case Style

Most of the Airpod cases we have reviewed in the past come in one complete case. The Nomad Airpod Rugged Case comes in two separate pieces.  The lid and the body of the Airpods both have their own case body. Putting the case on is simple and easy and the case surprisingly stains on with no hesitation of falling off. Getting the case off is actually pretty tricky. In order to get the top case off, you have to pull it off from the back and pull forward.

Rugged Case Specs


  • Rustic Brown Horween Leather
  • Black polycarbonate shell


  • Built for AirPods
  • Accessible Lightning port
  • Works with all AirPods cases, include the new AirPods Wireless Charging Case


  • Thickness: 1.55mm
  • With case on:
    • Total width: 24.15mm
    • Total height: 56.88mm


  • Wireless charging requires AirPods Wireless Charging Case
    • Qi Wireless compatible
    • Rugged Case does not affect wireless charging
    • Note: the LED indicator is covered with Rugged Case


One thing that I love about this case is the charging port is big enough to also fit non Apple charging cables. If you’re using another brand the charger end is usually larger which can sometimes pose a downside. On other cases we have tested the charging port is too small now allowing non apple chargers to work with the case.


Overall, we’re huge fans of this case. We love the leather look which then turns into a weathered old style look. Having the case split into 2 pieces is also benefits and works with the design of the Airpods as well.