Nomad Pod Pro

Portable battery packs have become the staple in many peoples lives. The convenience of pulling out a battery to charge your device on the go is exactly what people are looking for. Nomad Goods came out with the Nomad Pod Pro a few years ago which gives you the convenience of being able to charge your Apple Watch on the go. The on-the-go Apple Watch charging device is packed with a 6000 mah battery, and even includes a built-in Lightning cable for charging your extra apple device.


  • 6000 mah battery pack
  • Built in 10″ MFI certified lightning cable
  • 2x charges for iPhone 6 and apple watch
  • Aluminum shell
  • Portable and convenient

Nomad good pod pro

For those of you who have an Apple Watch, you already know the struggle it takes to make sure the watch is charged and ready to go on your busy schedule.  And since the charging connector is magnetic, rather than a physical metal-on-metal connection; it already becomes a pain when you don’t have your charging cord with you.

The Nomad’s Pod Pro provides a different mobile charging experience which allows your Apple watch to sit on top of the dock with the OEM Apple Watch charging cable, which plugs into a hidden USB port on the Pod Pro.

Pod Pro Durability

The top cover of the Pod Pro is made out of anodized aluminum which is lightweight and can take a beating when you’re throwing this in your bag. The top is held on to the base of the unit with two powerful neodymium magnets. When you pull the cover off, you are able to install your Apple Watch charging cable. It’s as simple as just plugging it in,  coiling the cord and you’re done! The device itself only weighs 4 ounces. So throwing it in your bags basically adds no weight.

pod pro hidden cable

Final Thoughts

For only $49.95 this device is highly worth it! If you’re someone who is addicted to their Apple watch and constantly on the go, then this is something that is a must for you! The device charges quickly charge your Apple watch 8 times, and iPhone 2 times. The  Pod Pro comes highly recommended.

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