No need to “touch” touch screens with the Bixi

Remember when touch screens were first being implemented into the early smartphones and MP3 players? It was so innovative at the time, being able to touch something rather than pressing a series of buttons. Now touch screens are everywhere but not without their own limitations. Dirty screens, inadequate sensitivity and cracked glass, are a few. But what if you didn’t have to touch your screen at all? Voice control attempts to fulfill this fantasy, but it too was limited. Things such as background noise and being unable to recognize different language and regional accents keep it from working properly. So, what if you could still control your device without speaking to it or touching it?

The Product

Bixi is a new, hands free Bluetooth-enabled device that senses hand gestures to control different devices and applications. This small, portable device that fits in the palm of your hand can sense movement to control the different applications and features of any connected device. Simple motions such as swiping left or right and waving up and down can control many different devices.

The Way Bixi Works

Bixi can sense your hand movements from almost 10 inches (25 centimeters) away. This way it won’t catch any background movement. The hand gestures that control it are similar to swipe motions used for most touch screen devices. Since Bixi works in a 3D environment, however, other signals such as raising and lowering your hand can control things like volume level and switching devices.

Bixi is great for those times your hands are full and occupied. Say you’re cooking and reading a recipe on your tablet. Bixi makes it easy to scroll down on the recipe so you don’t need to wash your hands just to see what’s next and can get back to kneading your dough. Or if you are riding your bicycle and listening to music. If Bixi is mounted on your handlebars, skipping to the next song is as easy as waving your hand. Bixi also makes it easy to switch between devices so you’re not constantly disconnecting and reconnecting the Bluetooth settings, and syncing new devices is as easy as connecting to any other Bluetooth channel.

bixi gestures to control your life


This device is 2.63 inches wide and weighs only 1.05 ounces making it easy to transport. It also features shock and scratch-proof Corning Gorilla Glass and a soft, yet rugged silicone body that won’t slide off surfaces very easily. Bixi also has LED lights for easily noticeable feedback and notifications. Depending on your usage, has a battery life from 3 weeks to 2 months! It is compatible with nearly any Bluetooth device and sports different accessories such as a bicycle mount, car mount and magnetic wall support.

Bixi on Kickstarter

Bixi is estimated to be priced around $79 with all features included (accessories at additional cost). With Bixi’s portability and easy usage, it may be on its way to change the way we interact with all of our devices, and with mentions from Forbes, Yahoo Tech, The Huffington Post and many more, this gadget almost seems too good to be true!

View it on Kickstarter here.