Mimoodz- The Smart LED Light


The Smart LED multi-color that you can control with your smart phone! When you install the Mimoodz smart lights throughout your home, you get the power to control all the lights directly from your smart phone. Dim them down, change the color, create different moods, and best of all these lights are extremely green energy efficient. Each light is also built to last, they can last up to an average lifetime of 20 years and its low power consumption of 6W compared to a 40W regular bulb. Mimoodz is not only smart in the traditional way, but also connects high quality with by far the lowest price in the market. Therefore we say, smart bulbs for smart people.

How Does The App Work?

The main goal Mimoodz was aiming at was to make this app as simple as possible. They compared similar apps in the app store as of now and designed one that is easy to understand and to use. The main app was made and designed for Apple but they also have a version that works for the Android devices. It will be available on the App Store and Google Play.


Why Mimoodz

Now you’re probably asking yourself, why would I buy this over the other bulbs on the market? When Mimoodz says they made a smart bulb they’re not lying! When you compare their bulb to the incandescent bulbs, the mimoodz lasts 20 times longer! An old incandescent bulb is more of a heating than a light bulb. More than 90% of the energy used is transformed into heat. The life time of old bulbs are around 1000 hours if you use them at an average of 3 hours a day. Our mimoodz LED bulbs last 20 times longer. Cheaper electricity bills will allow more savings for families to enjoy life!


Good to our environment

Switching to Mimoodz will lower your energy consumption also helps reduce CO2 emission and make a cleaner planet to live on. It is especially the case in regions and countries using fossil fuel burning as the main energy source, as this electricity generation method causes the most Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) among all. For instance, in Europe 1kWH of electricity causes 430g of CO2 (source: www.carbonneutral.com).

Quality Ensurance

mimoodz smart bulbs have been developed and tested in Germany, the USA, and China. Production will take place in China. We’ll constantly use our German quality team in China to ensure that our high quality requirements are always kept. To reach all legal requirements, we’re collaborating with an inspection teams of well know laboratories. All mimoodz LED bulbs are made 100% RoHS+ ERP stage 2 compliant, comply to CE (Europe) as well as UL (US) standard. The laboratory at our ISO9001 certified manufacturing partner operates according to the SMT (Standards, Measurements and Testing) program as well as the factory is BSCI certified.

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Go to KickStarter now and back them to help them reach their goal! Help produce bulbs that are better for our environment and ones that will last longer and save you more money in the long run! Go here to back Mimoodz now!