The All Mighty And Powerful Clint Digital Odin

odin speaker

Clint Digital Odin Design

A lot of the speakers on the market take after just about 3 different designs and looks; circular, square, or a rectangle. Not every speaker is only these three shapes, but they do take after them with a few variations. What makes Odin different and stand out more is the unique look and design that this Danish company has designed. And with the solid aluminum body enclosure, made this speaker look sharp and expensive. This Clint Digital speaker is designed to be used in a large room. Standing at 15.5 inches (394mm) tall and 9.5  inches (243mm) wide, this speaker was made to get loud and surround a large space.

The shape of the Odin looks like a triangle with rounded out corners. Personally I think that this type of design looks fantastic, mainly because there is nothing else I have seen like it. When you are in someone’s house and you see the Odin in the corner of the room prompted up on its solid aluminum stand, it’s unquestionably stands out and makes a statement. The curvy three-sided enclosure is an arresting sight, and the white (or black) finish complements the silver foot stand nicely.

Odin Simplicity

What is also nice about this speaker, which is also on the Freya speakers made by Clint is the use of the column of five lights (four white, one purple) at the bottom of the front edge of the speaker. The use of this makes the speaker look clean, but then again makes Odin stand out more with its clutter-free style.

Going along with the simplistic and clutter free design, Clint made the buttons for the speaker at the very top. The top buttons include volume, play/pause, multiroom and mute. One thing to keep in mind as well is, this speaker is made all about wireless connectivity, because of this you will notice that there isn’t a wealth of plugs in the back. The only plugs in the back of the speaker that you will find is a 3.5mm jack input and a USB port that you can use to play music from iOS devices or to share

odin buttons

Odin Wi-Fi Feature

Like I stated above, Clint Digital is all about having Wi-Fi technology. They like this because it allows you to connect more than one speaker together to give you a really nice surround sound effect, and also allows you to put the speakers in different locations of the room or your house and play the same song through all speakers. This feature allows you to stream music directly to Odin over a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi network. The surround sound or multiroom lets you stream music to up to four Clint speakers around your house, or create a stereo pair using two Odins as the left and right channels. Now I do like the use of the Wi-Fi ability, but I do wish the speaker was also Bluetooth compatible because it is a quicker way to connect your devices when you don’t want to use the surround sound effect.  Odin also allows you to also stream music from Apple devices using AirPlay, which is highly under used in my opinion.

Another way that Clint allows you to connect to the speaker is if you are a Spotify premium member. Having this will allow you to use Spotify Connect to stream music from its vast catalogue, while internet radio can be accessed through the Asgard app.

Learn how to set up your Clint Digital Asgard app

Odin Performance

Finally, the part you have most likely been wondering about, does this all and mighty speaker sound as good as the style and functions? Well after being named after a powerful God, Odin delivered booming performance. Now keep in mind, this speaker does stand 15+ inches tall, so if you are looking for something to bring place to place with you, then this is definitely not the speaker for you.

Once again, trying out a speaker from Clint Digital was beyond a great experience. Just like the Freya speakers, the Odin was crystal clear and is now the number one top sounding speaker I have yet tested (Freya being the second). What makes the Odin so great besides the crystal clean sound, strong beat and intense bass was that the Odin literally dominates the room. I tested in my living room, which is roughly 700 square feet. Even with this size of the room the Odin made a lasting impression. I could eve walk clear across the house and still head the music. This speaker is perfect for big spaces!

ODIN in corner

Final Thoughts

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Clint Digital and their speakers. The first one I tested was the Freya Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and the sound was amazing and they are quality made. The Odin is an even better more powerful version of these! It truly conveys a room-filling performance. Looking for a quality made and thunderous sounding speaker? Then this is undoubtedly the one you want!