MicFlip Fully Reversible Micro USB Cable

One of the most annoying things when it comes to charging your devices is having to flip your micro-USB over and over until you get the right side. This can be a major pain for anyone who doesn’t have the pleasure of using the lighting cable from Apple. But aside from apple, everything else uses a micro-USB, so you are most likely familiar with the unpleasant frustration of putting the cord in the first time.

Finally! Someone has taken it upon them self to asses the situation and invent a all new way to change the problem. Our friends over at WinnerGear has developed one of the first fully reversible micro USB cables called the MICFLIP. But not only have they fixed the long over due problem of a reversible Micro-USB. WinnerGear made the cord into a nylon braided tangle free cable to prevent the cable from being damaged or cut. Then they also made each plug coated with gold with extra strong aluminum  hosing for extra durability

Check out what we thought of the cable in our unboxing video below!