MagSafe Mount Stand

Mount your charger in style! The MagSafe Mount Stand is a sleek, minimalist stand for mounting your MagSafe charger to the wall. It features a beautiful zinc alloy construction and is designed to stay put with its low-profile, one-piece form.

Nomad created the MagSafe Mount Stand for those of us who are tired of bending down to plug our chargers in. The stand is made from a solid block of zinc alloy so it has the perfect density and weight to stay put when attaching or removing your iPhone. The MagSafe Mount Stand can be used anywhere a MagSafe charger is needed including the iPhone 12 and 13 models.

Bonus style points: the stand can actually hold your phone in both landscape and portrait mode in case you want to watch a Youtube video, vs. a full-frame Facetime or TikTok video.

But what if you don’t have the newer iPhone version and you still want to take advantage of this sleek charging mount for iPhones? You need to get this small upgrade for your older phone device like one of our iPhone 11’s: a MagSafe ring from Amazon. This will allow you to transform your phone into a magnetic charge and allow you to use the Nomad MagSafe Mount Stand.

What are the pros of using this new Nomad MagSafe Mount Stand? You will save your time and money by not having to buy a replacement cable for your older phone device every month or two. This means that you will get to charge and use your phone without having to unplug or replace it. Take hands free calls with the sturdy, weighted stand and complete the sleek setup look from popular instagram pages!