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letgo app

Quickly sell things you list on letgo and find great deals nearby.

Letgo is essentially Craigslist with a less sketchy reputation.

The app boasts a sleek interface, with items for sale organized by proximity on the home page. Buying and selling takes all but a few trips through menus.

What Is Letgo

Categories are organized by electronics, furniture, clothes, etc. Using a cellphone’s camera to sell items is as easy as it sounds, and managing all the offers is clean and very well-formatted in a list.

Making your items more attractive to buyers by having it in a user-created commercial is entertaining in its own right, and helps differentiate from other competitors.

Is There A Need For Letgo

On the other hand, much of its style seems to be regurgitated from earlier apps of its kind, such as OfferUp, and even Ebay’s mobile app.

Communication and community definitely make or break these online thrift store applications.

Although the easy registration and idea of getting all the money from items is fantastic, everything is strictly local and old-fashioned.

Sure, if people really want to sell things and have options in international markets, then Ebay and Amazon are great choices, but this app’s use varies on location.

One may have trouble finding a camera in their area, while another may not be able to sell their television if a majority of their town’s population do not have the app.

With more than 10 million users and growing, the app is definitely a rising star, but its continual growth relies on more innovation. Less cutesy features, more online banking. Less safety pages, more policies.

Rules may limit the market, but they also produce standards. The idea that one could sell their left shoe for $20 is ludicrous, but a possibility.


Their list of prohibited items helps create a secure community, and the buyer rating system is also a great start. However, much of what the app could do to make the transactions better is left to the decision of the seller and buyer.

Possible negotiation wars and scammer encounters could happen, but more should be done to lessen these possibilities.

Cute commercials may keep the app smooth sailing for few more months, but without furthering their innovation, it could be the next OfferUp.

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