Kevlar Charging Cord By Anker

anker lighning cord

I thought that having such a short cable would be such a waste of money. But then I started to get different products that would make life easier having a shorter cable. I have a charging station from Skiva and I love it. But the thing is it looks really messy when I have these long cords just sitting there. And so I found this one foot cord and thought it would be perfect for this.

anker lighning cord 2

After getting it I was impressed on how well the quality is. Lately I have been so against having rubber cords because having one that is Teflon in my personal opinion is better. The rubber ones rip and then the cords get destroyed and ultimately I have to buy more cords because they won’t work anymore. But then after reading all these reviews about how well it worked and no one experienced having a cord rip I thought I would give it a try.

This is not just some normal rubber like a lot of the other cables out there. This one is made from a unique Kevlar Construction: This is the first ever sync & charge cable built with bulletproof Kevlar fiber, PowerLine is much stronger than ordinary cables. To my surprise you can see a difference in this cable to a cable that comes with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Anker promises that these cords will last 5X Longer than any other cord on the market. They are also reinforced stress points with a 5000+ bend lifespan make PowerLine many times more durable than anything else on the market.

anker lighning kevlar

Aside from having a powerful and durable outer material, this charging cord also is a faster charging than you may be used to. Thick gauge wiring and reduced cable resistance enable PowerLine to provide the fastest possible charge via any USB charger, plus data transfer.

Overall, I think that this was a great cord. I usually don’t go for the ones that are rubber, but this one has changed my mine! With Kevlar protecting the outside from ripping and promising that it will last 5X longer than any others on the market how could you not give it a try. And to make sure you really are happy they are giving you a 18- month warranty. I would definitely say if you are looking for a shorter reliable cord, to give this one a try!