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Iflexio Low Radiation Exposure & Anti-Fraud iPhone Flip Case

How Does Iflexio Work?

Cell phones emit the most radiation when in call and especially with a   poor network coverage. When your phone is producing high amounts of radiation it can be harmful for your brain

Iflexio’s phone case was created specifically to reduced radiation by up to 99% and protects your credit cards from fraud thanks to a built-in RFID Blocker card slot, both when calling and when carrying it in your pants pocket.

So now I know what you’re thinking, what is this phone case made of?

Iflexio’s Material  

  • Premium leather-style PU
  • Cardboard
  • Nylon Protective Fleece
  • PVC board
  • Oxford cloth
  • Plain leather-style PU


The Iflexio case is made of lightweight material that doesn’t limit your day-to-day carry or affects your camera or touchscreen. In fact, this low radiation exposure & anti-fraud phone case has a wide, 180º range, allowing your device to communicate as normal with the nearest base station antenna.

Main Features:

  • Modern & Elegant Design
  • Lowers radiation exposure to your head
  • Protects sensitive organs
  • Prevents contactless Credit Card fraud with built-in RFID Blocker card slot
  • Protects from scuffs, scratches and drops
  • Includes adjustable Stand for watching your favorite videos

The anti-radiation case is also designed for style and usability. A sturdy and adjustable stand lets you video call or watch movies. And the stylish leather-effect will help protect your phone from scuffs and scratches.

This case comes in 4 different colors: red purple, blue, gold and black and it is available for iPhone7, 8 and X only at the moment.

Our Test


Overall, the quality and the durability of the Iflexio’s case was great! Used the case for a couple weeks and it shows no signs of scratches, tears, rips, etc. The case proved to hold up well for protection as well as protecting your credit cards.

Even though the case has a built-in RFID blocker and protects you from radiation, it shows no signs of data loose or weak signal. Unlike other similar cases, the speaker holes are also protected preventing the radiation to comes out from there without affecting the audio quality.

The Iflexio case definitely makes a 5 star case for protection and protection on many different levels!

Check out the Iflexio’s case

Check out the IFlexio’s video