How To Get More Out Of Fishing


GoFish Cam

If you love fishing then you are going to love this new Kickstarter! Two brothers in 2014 came up with the great idea of making an underwater camera to bring with them on their fishing trips. Brandon and Ryan Austin went on a mission to secure funds from friends and family, while investing more than a year of time, GoFish Cam was born.

Once the idea was born so was the name, GoFish Cam. GoFish Cam as of now is a patent pending wireless, underwater action-adventure camera that sits on your fishing line and captures the real action of the sport in conjunction with our mobile application.

GoFish Cam is equipped with an HD 1080p color video and infrared lights for night vision. GoFish Cam takes fishing to the new extreme offering a complete underwater experience through a 170° wide-angle lens and built-in microphone even in the darkest of conditions. GoFish promises that “It’s fishing like you’ve never seen before”.

GoFish also already has a mobile application developed that provides a simple user interface to edit and share action-captured videos through social networks, directly from the GoFish App.

Now I know what you’re thinking, what happens if the line snaps? Well GoFish camera has almost neutral buoyancy underwater, meaning that if the line breaks then the camera will slowly floats up to the surface of the water. GoFish Cam also stated that it may be offering a warranty program for GoFish Cam clients. Purchase the warranty policy, and in the case that you lose your camera, get a new camera at a heavy discount. Further details on this will be provided to our backers at a later date.

GoFish is on Kickstarter and already has 273 backers and $52,876 raised in funds! Hurry now and donate while there is still 25 days to go! You can find the GoFish cam KickStarter here.