Hawker Harrier II Watch

Cleverly named, AVI-8, is themed after celebrating the history and design of memorable World War 2 warplanes with their watches. These watches have been featured in various magazines including GQ, Esquire, Uncrate, and Gear Patrol to name only a few. AVI-8 does a wonderful job making a simple, easy to navigate site that includes pictures and videos that detail their work.

Named after these specific aircraft in mind, one example is the Hawker Harrier II watch. The AVI-8 website tells us that this plane could take off without a runway available and that the Harrier is still a plane in use today. There are three variations of this analog watch, all are with cases made of stainless steel, and water-resistance up to 50 M (about 160 feet). The case color can be stainless steel, IP-Black or IP-Gun. The stainless-steel variation comes with a dark brown genuine leather band, a black dial color, and a rose gold bezel. The IP-Black case color variation comes with a dark army green genuine leather band and green dial color. And lastly, the IP-Gun comes with a grey genuine leather band and grey dial color. The case shape is round with a diameter of 45 mm (a little over 1.5 inches), with a thickness of 13 mm, a 22mm bandwidth, and a strap buckle. It provides the date, hour, minute and seconds, (for those who love to have precision in their lives), and two-year warranty to top it off.

What Makes Hawker Harrier II Different

            What makes this piece different is that it commemorates the Hawker Harrier II.  In a video provided by the website, this watch reminiscences of the Hawker Harrier II plane turbines. For instance, the video parallels the watch’s chronograph (yes, it also has that—minutes, seconds, and the spinning tenths of a second subdial) with the turbines spinning in the Hawker Harrier II. It is a very aesthetically pleasing detail that the watch has. But it’s not the only comparison the two have.

 The chronograph is made of quartz and again has three subdials. The top subdial contains the tenths of a second, slightly below to the left is the seconds’ portion, and below lies the minute’s portion. Its layout is such too, that you can capture the time better than a watch solely for looks would, as the minutes and seconds are ticked individually all the way up to 60, making it more measurable.

Fashionable rolls storing these watches can purchased on their website also. This watch is a piece that can be passed down in the family, a gift for collectors, history buffs, those whose passion lies for planes, or students that can use a nice watch with a stopwatch that includes even up to tenths of a second. You can find AVI-8 on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Also, their website offers free shipping and tells you which kinds of payment they take at the bottom of their page. So, sign up with AVI-8’s Newsletter, getting 15% off and get a watch that stands for a piece of history that lives on today.

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