HaloXT Tactical Solar Flashlight

Meet the HaloXT Tactical Solar Flashlight a strategic electric lamp that will remain with you in the harshest and hardest of spots. This multi-use electric lamp has different capacities with its sole mission of guarding you morning, noon, and night.

You’ll be surprised how useful and effective the Haloxt solar-powered flashlight is. From it being a resourceful device used for camping, hunting, and general outdoors. 

HaloXT Tactical Solar Flashlight


Multi-Use Solar Flashlight has 9 functions

The HaloXT Multi-Use Solar Flashlight has nine different functions to fit your emergency needs.

Ultra-Bright LED Light

The light has a 3-Watt CREE LED chip blasts that light up to 200 meters away illuminating everything in its path with i200 lumens of light.

Solar Panel

There’s a durable 50 mAh solar panel built right into the handle. If you’re without electricity, you can recharge wherever you have sunlight

Power Bank

Utilize the USB charging port and top off your phone or tablet without overcharging or discharging with intelligent charging. 

S.O.S Light & Strobe

And if you ever find yourself stuck, the red LED strobe lights help you get seen and rescued. It’s the perfect companion for a camping trip, or to keep in your car.

Work Light

Two different brightness settings so you’ll have the right light for the job.

Seatbelt / Rope Cutter

The built-in seatbelt & rope cutter can get you out of a sticky situation. The high-quality steel blade cuts seat belts like butter.

Glass-Breaking Hammer

For getting out of windows when every second counts. A hardened steel tip blasts through tough glass.


With the rugged compass on the end, you’ll always have a way to find true north. No matter where you end up.


Every HaloXT has a super strong magnet built-in, so you can stick it wherever you need it. Put in under your car’s hood while working with the work light. Or stick it to your fridge for an easy-to-grab location during a blackout.

HaloXT Tactical Solar Flashlight functions

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Functionality Score

I’d argue to say that this is a very useful flashlight not just for outdoors people, but an everyday use option. The flashlight is incredibly durable and lightweight with 9 great features that consolidate many different tools.  


  • Thin & Lightweight
  • Solar Power Charging
  • Waterproof
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • LED lights 
  • SOS lights, glass breaker, solar cell, USB Charger, Magnet, Compass, Seat belt cutter


  • None. This is the ideal flashlight to keep with any outdoorsman, hunter, or everyday use.