GEKKOPOD The Mount That Goes Everywhere


In the market today there are hundreds of different tripod solutions available for smartphones, digital cameras, GoPro, etc. But the problem with almost all of them is they only have one feature. Some can only hold a phone or only hold a camera. Come can only be mounted in one position. Know we have one questions for you. How many mounts do you know of that can wrap it’s self around a pole or branch while still being able to hold your device securely? Introducing the GEKKOPOD!

This product made its fame and start from the well renowned The idea of GEKKOPOD was to be able to take any device you have and make your mounting options more flexible while still having the tripod solution. There are two features setting GEKKOPOD apart from its competition: its flexible legs and lizard-like feet.

When I first took the GEKKOPOD out of the box I have to say I was presently surprised. I have never seen anything quite like this before. When you unfold the GEKKOPOD you will find the center a mounting hole for one of the three included attachments. Some of the attachments is an extendible adaptable mount for smartphones, a GoPro mount, and a standard ¼-20-inch screw and arm for cameras.

Now this is where the product gets the name GEKKOPOD from. When you look at the device you will notice that 4 out of the 5 legs contain studded feet to increase the grip on different surfaces. You can wrap these feet around almost anything such as; a table, pole, branch, or anything else the legs can wrap around.


I have been using the GEKKOPOD for a good 2 weeks and have nothing but great things to say. I have used it with the iPhone 6, GoPro, Samsung Edge S6, and a camera and it worked perfect for all 4. The legs can grip onto almost anything and they keep the GEKKOPOD extremely steady. Overall I would give this product a solid 5 stars!