Function meets Luxury in the Vertagear PL4500 Gaming Chair

A global pandemic has meant more time in your work from home office chair. And for those of us who are gamers, that chair is doubling for all-day use. With all

Vertagear PL4500 Gaming Chair | GadgetVibes Gaming Setup Reviews

 that sitting, you had better be prioritizing comfort.

In glides the Vertagear PL4500.

Gaming Chair Assembly

When we received the Vertagear PL4500 Gaming Chair, the unboxing process was surprisingly quick.

Most of the pieces were preassembled, leaving little thinking to do by the assembler. We swiftly popped the wheels into the base, added the heavy-duty piston, mounted the seat, and slid on the chair back.

One thing we loved when we compared the Vertagear PL4500 chair to past gaming chair setups was their patented “slide-in” hardware. This allowed for a quick and easy one-person assembly. The chair was basically assembled in a few seconds by simply sliding the backrest into the seat.

Adding the screws to affix the chair base to the back was the only step that proved a bit troubling. We found ourselves unable to successfully thread the screw a few times before properly lining them up through the leathery fabric and chair guts. Here is my only tip for Vertagear – consider gluing or stitching the screw holes for better visibility when aligning the base metal to the chair back holes.

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Vertagear Comfort

In terms of comfort, we are impressed. The Coffee Fiber reminds me of faux suede material. It gives a super-luxe appearance to the chair which is great as for me, it doubles as an office furniture piece as well.

The wide seat is extremely comfortable. I’m always looking for a gaming chair that will accommodate me sitting in a cross-legged position and fitting on the base comfortably. I can do this as the chair is specifically noted for its wide seat and super-duty weight capacity.

A notable accolade is the density of this seat’s foam core. This isn’t one of those spongey, squeaky kids gaming chairs. This is the double royal with cheese of gaming chairs.


  • Fast Assembly 
  • Heavy Duty
  • Comfortably


  • Hard Time Aligning The Screw Holes 

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