FitOn Smartwatch

I own quite a few standard wristwatches, and a few smartwatches to help track my workouts. That’s why when browsing Kickstarter I found this project by FitOn Smartwatch, that caught my attention. They are creating the world’s 1st Blood oxygen saturation smartwatch and boy does it look good.

The specs for this thing really makes it hard to pass up, it weighs in at 45g, powered with a NORDIC 52832 chipset, an OLED 0.96” display, a speaker, and Bluetooth 4.1. With an Optical Heart Rate Monitor, Accelerometer, and Gyroscope. The FitOn team created a watch that is meant to track fitness and be a guide for your health needs. With the mission to “Democratize  Wellness,” they are off to a good start.

As with most smartwatches, you can connect it to your phone no matter if it’s IOS or Android, so they’re not biased, you just need to download their app from your respective app store. On the watch, you get message notifications, incoming calls that you can ignore, and you can snap photos on your watch (wicked cool). With the Bluetooth in the watch, you can track your phone in case it comes up missing with the watch. The watch is also water resistant with an IP68 rating so you can do laps in the pool and not worry about the watch.

After a workout, it gives you the results and the impact on your day and lets you know if you’re improving. It records your runs and give you a pace count and even gives you route suggestions when connected to GPS. You get heart rate variability (HRV) testing to track the health of your heart. Keep up with your Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) to help prevent choking, suffocation, lung issues, and infections. It tracks your sleeping habits and will give you a daily rundown of your vital signs.

This has the potential to rival most well-known smartwatches because FitOn’s main goal is about your health. The FitOn Smartwatch is specifically meant to track health, which is something I am on board for. Current smartwatches have been more tailored to maximizing and working in tandem with your smartphone. With all the technology it’ll set you back a few hundred dollars.

The best part about at the FitOn watch, you can get it for less than $50. For everything, you’re getting that’s well worth the price and it won’t empty out your pockets. The FitOn team knows what they’re doing in marketing a watch like this at this price. People generally don’t buy smartwatches due to the price, this has the potential to get people up and moving and begin to take better care of themselves. If you’ve wanted to test a smartwatch, now is the time. You can start right here with the FitOn Smartwatch. Currently, the project has made its pledge and then some, so if you want to check them out you still can. The campaign ends this month with the watches planned to be shipped in December.

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