Fiil: 3D Audio & Noise Canceling Headphones

The Only 3D Audio, Voice Search & Noise Canceling Headphones


San Jose, California- FIIL Technology is ushering in a new generation of audio innovation with their brand new FIIL Diva Pro headphones.  FIIL Diva Pro go beyond the purview of traditional headphones, packing in tons of extra features into one gorgeous package.  These new headphones are chock full of innovations that include 3D sound, touch control and voice search.  Headphones are a saturated market and need to be carefully produced and designed to stand out from the crowd; FIIL Diva Pro does that by being conceived around the concept of maximum use, as opposed to it’s competition being designed around maximum profit.  With its 4K storage, touch controls and voice search, FIIL Diva Pro is entirely its own device, allowing users to go phone free if they so choose.  FIIL Diva Pro let’s users go out in the world without having to worry about dropping their phone and allowing them to more fully engage with their task.  Plus, FIIL Diva Pro uses noise canceling technology, plus a patented audiofilter system in order to let users enjoy their music as immersively and as fully as possible.

FIIL Diva Pro Quality

FIIL Diva Pro is at once sleek and sophisticated.  Often, buying headphones forces consumers to choose between image and functionality.  The general rule is that the cooler a pair of headphones looks, the worse their quality; inversely, more boring headphones will be of higher quality.  FIIL Diva Pro breaks this rule by being both beautiful and functional.  Their sleek look is most highlighted by their intuitive touch control system.  By sliding your finger across the cover of the headset, you can manipulate it in the same way you can manipulate your mobile device, but with much greater ease.  Simply slide up or down to increase or decrease volume, respectively and left to right to skip to the next song and right to left to return to the previous song.  The Diva Pro also uses 3d sound technology to create soundscapes that are inaccessible on ordinary headphones.  By moving beyond the outdated model of simply splitting the audio into the right and left ears, FIIL Diva Pro creates a three dimensional soundscape, increasing the depth of the sound.  FIIL Diva Pro even uses Bluetooth 4.1, increasing the old range of 33 feet tenfold, allowing users to travel within a range of 330 feet of a paired device.

According to FIIL itself, “FIIL Diva Pro are wireless headphones with capabilities you’ve never seen before. The Bluetooth V4.1 on-ear headphones are not only beautifully designed, but pack in powerful features like voice search, touch control, active noise canceling, 4G of music storage, Hi-Fi quality sound, audio transparency, patented technology and more.  It’s time to awaken your senses.”

Sound plays a crucial part in the way that we process out surroundings.  For all the convenience and exposure that streaming brings to users, many details of music get flattened to accommodate streaming capabilities.  When you do decide that a piece of music is worth owning, it’s entirely worth it to hear it with the least amount of ‘information’ lost possible.  FIIL Diva Pro seems like an impeccable solution to that problem.

About FIIL Technology

“We are an innovative company with a mission to bring you the most technologically advanced, sleek wireless headphones you’ve ever seen.” FIIL Diva Pro has currently raised over $93000, with a $50000 original goal and a $100000 stretch goal.  Their kickstarter ends Tuesday, October 4th.