Exogear Car Mount – Touch Air

The ExoGear Touch Air is the answer to all the problems I have with commuting.

As someone who spends a lot of time in my car, on the highway, using my phone as GPS, I needed a solution to having to hold my phone. I was keeping it in my cupholder and it was difficult to see my GPS. This created a dangerous situation for myself and other drivers.

The ExoGear Touch Air is perfect for holding my phone right below eye level. This means I can safely glance at my phone to view my GPS directions. You can orient the phone vertically or horizontally and the mount fixes to the slats on your vents. The mount has a cinch to tighten it in the ideal position with a ball to allow 360 degree rotation. It also has a narrow and a wide slot to best fit the slats in your vent.

The only issue I had was that occasionally when I hit a big pot hole (oopsies) sometimes the mount would fall off the vent.

But all in all, this has made my life all that better. It seriously amazes me how much a mount for your phone can improve the hassle that is commuting! I definitely recommend this for the affordable price of $24.95!

Get it here: ExoGear ExoMount Touch Air Vent Mount for Cell Phones and Smart Phones

Here is a video review where you can see the product:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=remyWgVeTRw]