Elago P2 Stand

Elago P2 Stand


The Elago P2 stand goes perfectly with your iPad and the best thing is you a can keep your iPad case on to use it. Made from aluminum; the P2 is an extremely solid and sturdy light tablet stand. The stand also has rubber feet to prevent scratches, slipping and sliding. The P2 stand is a perfect fit with your Apple devices because of the simple and stylish design that matches the Apple look.

The P2 stand is simple and does a great job hiding the wire so you are able to charge you device. The vertical rectangle is big enough to feed the USB end of an iOS device charger cable through as well as, of course, the Lightning connector variety. I’m not entirely sure what the circular cutaway is for, but the lightning connector fits through that too.

The available black and silver colors support the Apple simplicity design. The P2 is a simple and minimalistic product that really sparks the look of your device and room. We would easily give this product a perfect 5 star rating!


  • Solid alumimum construction
  • iPad case removal unnecessary
  • cable management

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