Einstein’s Theory of Relativity KleverCase

klever ipad

Here we have another case by KleverCase called the Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. The covers for this specific case comes in a lot of well know books such as To kill a mocking bird, The Great Gatsby and so on. This will make these cases stand out to a lot of others.

This case is also another handmade case straight out of England. What makes this different then a lot of the other tablet cases on the market is that there is no casing rather than an infinity stick. This is a grip area that you can rest your tablet on and it holds it in that position. The tablet can be taken off and put back on the grip as many times as you want and the grip won’t lose its stickiness.

kleer ipad case


  • – Specifically made for of 7” screens
  • – Compact, durable and splash proof
  • – Sleep Wake, Magnet Closing & Camera Hole
  • – Beautifully Handmade in the UK
  • – 90 day return policy & 1 year guarantee

Final thoughts

Once again I really liked this case. I like having a case on my iPad, but occasionally I like to take it off so it’s not too bulky. With other cases that can be a hassle and just an overall pain. But, this case allows you to remove the tablet as many times as you want but still offers protection and that’s a major plus for me! I would definitely recommend this to everyone looking for an awesome handmade tablet case!

To see a more close up on the case and to see a more in-depth review check out our unboxing video review!