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Clint Digital Freya Speakers


The one thing we have reviewed the most here on E-List Reviews are Bluetooth speakers, ones that cost anywhere from $10 all the way up to $400. Regardless of the price the one thing that I kept noticing was how nothing was ever new about them. The sound was never anything new and even the style of the speakers all looked alike.

First opening the Clint Digital Freya Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers, the first thing that I noticed was how sleek they looked. They were different and more attractive than the normal black square speakers that are usually on the market.

Clint Digital Freya Style

The speakers are circular and stand about 12 inches tall made with an aluminum body, which is perfect to keep this speaker safe from normal wear-and-tear and any other accidents that may happen. These speakers also stand out because they actually let you choose between 5 different color options:

Sound Quality

The Clint Digital speakers are also hands down the best speakers I have ever used. The sound is crystal clear, and it’s actually hard to compare it to other speakers I have reviewed because I’ve never reviewed one that sounded so good. The base in these speakers are also really surprising Even those they are about 12-inches tall they still have the best base in a speaker that I have ever heard. It’s strong and powerful and sound great which whatever genera of music you listen too.

Two Types of Freya

There are two different types of Freya speakers that Clint Digital sells. They have a Bluetooth speaker which is what everyone is accustomed too, and then they also offer a Wi-Fi speaker which is a new style that are becoming more prevalent.

FREYA Bluetooth

This speaker is the traditional Bluetooth speaker which obviously is connected using the Bluetooth function on your device.

Play Music Wirelessly

Select and play from your music collection in perfect audio quality. Stream music from your local content or any online music streaming service! You can use the speakers while they are plugged in or they also charge and hold

Stereo Pairing

The great thing about the Bluetooth speakers is that you can take them and pair the speakers together and make your music experience change drastically. Clint Digital has added true wireless technology to their Bluetooth speakers so by pairing two speakers the sound becomes stereo and even more enjoyable.

You can buy the Freya Bluetooth at $199.00


Playing your music wirelessly is something that is more new to the market. Not a lot of the speakers you see will have this option. Really though it is just as simple as the Bluetooth function. All you have to do is download the Asgard by Clint app for your phone and hook it up this way. There will be a step by step directions so anyone can do it. Select and play from your music collection in perfect audio quality. Stream music from your local content or any online music streaming service!

Learn how to set up your Clint Digital Asgard App!

Multiroom Music

The Asgard™ series is extraordinary, a simple and user-friendly multi-room system, with minimum fuss. You can stream music to a single or to multiple speakers and fill every room with dynamic high quality sound through DLNA.

You can get the Freya Wi-Fi speaker at $269.00

Final thoughts

Overall, these are hands down the best speakers I have yet to review. The sound is amazing and crystal clear accompanied by amazing base. And the style, look, and design of these speakers are way better that the others we have reviewed. If you are looking or a speaker that will blow you away and change your music experience then the Freya Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers are what you have to get!

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