Clint Digital Asgard Wi-Fi Setup

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Clint Digital Asgard Wi-Fi Setup

If you’ve never had a speaker that connects via Wi-Fi then your first time can be really confusing. Because of that we decided to make a post dedicated to showing you how to set up your speaker using Clint Digitals app called Asgard.

Connecting With WPS

One thing that is really nice about these speakers is there are multiple different ways that you can connect to them. The fastest and easiest way to connect to and of Clints Wi-Fi speakers is to use the WPS setup. This method involves you being next to your homes router and pressing the Wi-Fi Setup button on the speaker/app and then immediately followed by the WPS button on the router. If you have done this correctly then a female voice confirms the connection by saying “your device is now connected”. One you have done this then you are golden and your speaker is good to go!

Connecting With Browser

Another way you can connect is connecting through the web browser on your PC or phone. If you don’t have the basic knowledge of setting up a router, then we would recommend setting up the speaker through the WPS settings before you try this one as it is a little more difficult.

In this method you will have to start by holding down the Wi-Fi Setup button on the speaker, and connecting your PC directly to the Odin or Freya and configuring the router settings in the browser. In the directions you will be prompted on what code to use.

Connecting with USB

This method is the easiest and fastest way to connect. For this all you have to do is connect your device to the speaker using either a USB. Once your device is plugged in, press the Wi-Fi Setup button and allow the speaker to share its settings on the onscreen dialogue box. Once again a female voice will say “your device is now connected”.

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Inside The Asgard App

Matching the speakers, Clint’s Asgard app is also clean and makes it super easy to use and navigate. Once you open the main screen, you will see that you are able to select the source with various options of playback controls. You will see a speaker icon at the bottom of the app, this will take you to the multiroom menu, and where you can select which speakers to play music through if you have multiple speakers connected using the Wi-Fi settings.