Blue Piston Elements By Logiix

Blue Piston Elements

Bluetooth speakers are becoming so prevalent that it’s beginning to be really hard to see what truly makes a speaker good or not. There are so many companies out there who are making half a** speakers and it really just grinds my gears (got to love the Family Guy references).

Blue Piston Elements Speaker

This Blue Piston Elements Mini portable speaker from LOGiiX may not look like much from the first glance, but once you start playing some music you’ll see it packs a punch; for its size. This speaker is a dual-function speaker and hands-free device with over 6 hours of play time. The Elements speaker also has, like most speakers, built in Bluetooth capabilities. And something that will make this speaker stand out to the outdoors people, this speaker is an IPX5 weather resistant speaker that will allow you to bring it out rain or shine.

Blue Piston Elements by logiix

Perfect For Basic People

One thing this speaker does have that I have actually never seen before is a selfie function. Sounds really strange, but looking at our society today all you see is herds of people taking selfies. So I guess you can say Logiix just adapted to the consumers’ needs and built in a selfie function that will also make your photo taking that much easier. So if you’re already basic, you can be even more basic with the use of the selfie function.

This small speaker will run you about $45 if you buy it straight through Logiix site. Looking at all the other speakers on the market I would say this price is fair. It gives you a decent quality sound that will allow you to take in any weather, which is perfect for those who love to go on outdoor adventures. Personally I would recommend this speaker more for those who are looking for something to use while going on outdoor activities rather than an indoor speakers.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a decent and reasonably priced speaker that I would recommend for those of you who are looking for a durable and weather proof speaker that offers 360◦ sound. It’s made with quality and durable material that will last if you are dropping it and through the wear-and-tear and of course you can bring out your inner basic with the selfie function.