How to use BitMoji on SnapChat

BitMoji is Taking Over

While internet memers might claim that bitmoji are so 2013, they certainly have resurged over the last few weeks and gained new life on our smart phones.

how to bitmoji on snapchat

Bitmoji are customizable avatars that allow you to express yourself by creating a virtual mini-me. After customizing your avatar, you can browse the app and pick from a library of preloaded stickers — one to fit literally any situation or mood.


When you download the app, sign up with your SnapChat account. After creating your Bitmoji, and enabling it as a keyboard (make sure to click on full access), you can easily toggle between your standard keyboard, emoji keyboard, and now your Bitmoji keyboard!

You can search for specific bitmoji to relate you your mood. For examply, type “love” to show your love in a creative way, or “weird” to express how funky you are with something like a unicorn version of your mini-me.

How to add bitmoji in a snapchat | e-list reviews

What’s better than using these in standard texts? Well, decorating your SnapChats with them, of course!

Here’s how:

After snapping a pic or video, simply click on the “new sticker” icon that looks like a page in the upper right hand corner.

Toggle the little face at the bottom of your screen (should be the second icon after the clock). This will expand your bitmoji keyboard so you can browse and pic the one you want. You can resize or turn it. Expand by moving to fingers apart or turn by moving one finger in an arc and keeping the other still. Attach it to an element in a video by holding down on the image and then releasing it to attach to video.

And that’s it! Customize to your heart’s content.

For those who email boldly, Bitmoji are also available in Gmail… and as a general Chrome extension so you can release your tiny doppleganger upon the interwebz.