Best wireless charges for your smartphone
Best wireless charges for your smartphone

Wireless charging was once something new. You just have to place your smartphone in a wireless charging frame or stand and the power supply will start providing power.

However, choosing the finest wireless charger is not as easy as you think. As the functionality and affordability of wireless chargers has increased, the number of companies offering wireless chargers has skyrocketed. As an outcome, it is hard to distinct the best wireless charger from a charger that cannot afford the finest choice.

These are the best wireless chargers for smartphones according to research. The following chargers have excellent functions, good design, reliable performance and reasonable price.

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad

Especially if you have a Samsung smartwatch, Samsung’s redesigned duo charger is a sure choice. The charging pad can charge 12 Samsung smartphones such as the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20 and other phones, and allows supreme charging and fast charging; the charging pad on the right is 7.5 W, which can charge Samsung smart watches such as Gear S3. As long as Qi charging is maintained, it can be used to charge wireless headphones or other smartphones.

Some large pads have quiet fans to help lower the temperature. There is also an LED indicator light, but it works well on a nightstand as it is not too bright. If you need the fastest speed, you need to use the included fast charger and USB-C cable, but this charger can be used with other Qi charging devices such as iPhone. This charger is available in black or white. The suggested selling price is $ 100, but this is regularly discounted, so don’t pay the full price.

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad

Belkin BoostUp Wireless Charging Stand

  • Looks good, convenient and easy
  • Wattage: 10W
  • High quality matte rubber + glossy plastic
  • Useful “arm” sofa phone
  • Not the fastest
  • US $ 29.99

The Belkin 10W is an improvement in design and charging power-both are noteworthy. The charge rate of the iPhone XS Max is 16% in 30 minutes.

The Belkin 10W features a glossy plastic with matte rubber on the flat charging surface and an “arm” to keep it from slipping off the surface. It clearly feels high quality, and in solid black looks a bit more sophisticated than cheap chargers.

Whether you like pads or stands depends on your personal preference, but it’s useful to have your device upright to check the time and scroll through notifications. However, it only charges your smartphone-not your smartwatch or tablet.

Ted Baker Connected Geeve Wireless Charger

The latest iPhone accessory from popular designer brand Ted Baker is beautifully crafted and, as you might expect, very stylish. Take an image of the 80-dollar wireless charger, particularly the good-looking “fluffy chocolate aluminum” finish. Fits most home decors as well as fashion points. The top of the charger is enclosed with Italian suede leather skin to keep the phone integral even when not in the case. There is also a neoprene ring under the charger that can be fixed to a desk or table.

The charger supports Qi standard and works with iPhone and many compatible Android smartphones. Tested successfully on iPhone XS Max, Huawei P30 Pro, Nokia 9 Pure View. A Ted Baker braided USB Type-C cable is included, but no AC adapter is included. You can see that the iPhone XS Max is packaged in a $ 55 Ted Baker case. This is highly protected for the ultimate adjustment of the accessory but does not block the flow of power from the wireless charger.

Google Pixel Stand

  • Appropriate additional functions at a high price
  • Wattage: 10W
  • High quality rubber
  • Additional pixel features
  • Very high charging rate
  • US $ 19.25

Pixel Stand is released with Google Pixel 3 and has certain features that are only active when a Pixel phone is inserted into its slot. Indeed, it works like any other 10W charger and replenishes your Qi-compatible phone battery. It is a stand-alone charger with a rounded back, a raised towed leg, and a round base, all covered in white rubber.

However, when you slide your Pixel phone to the stand, you can set it to show a gallery of photos, activate Google Assistant, or link a Nest Hello video doorbell to automatically show when someone rings.