Aukey Universal Smartphone Windshield Dashboard Car Mount

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Aukey Smartphone Holder

Driving while on your phone is not only illegal but it’s highly dangerous. Stay away from holding your phone and free both of your hands while driving: Check GPS map and keep your eyes on the road ahead; see who is calling without reaching out to your device while driving or even change songs with an easy touch. Never hold your phone while driving again and receive all these benefits and most of all keep yourself and others safe.

Made for your phone

The Aukey universal smartphone windshield/dashboard mount is made for just about every phone. With an expandable arm stretching up to 3.93 inches, Aukey Smartphone Holder is designed to be able to accommodate even the larger phones like iPhone 6 plus, Galaxy Note 2 / 3 / 4 / Edge, Nexus, HTC, LG, Nokia Blackberry, and most of the phones on the market today.


The Aukey smartphone holder is made so that you only need to have one hand to put it in the mount.. Pull down the holder tray, drop your phone on the cradle and press both arms to secure your device. Removing your phone is just as easy! Just simply press the release-button and the arms will release your device from the holder.

Secure mount

Never worry about the mount falling off your dash or windshield. This mount is designed to withstand the hottest of summer and coldest of winter, and the nastiest of road conditions. The Aukey holder securely adheres to the windshield, the dashboard or any other surfaces. It is capable of full 360-deg. rotation for portrait and landscape views and an easy tilt adjustment for optimal viewing angles, allowing you to set your phone for the best viewing.

aukey car holder


  • Easy-to-use smartphone holder / dock for holding your phone on the windshield / dashboard while driving
  • Works with any smartphone up to 3.97 inches of width, including iPhone, iPhone 6 Plus, Note 2 / 3 / 4, Galaxy 4 / 5 / Edge, Nexus, LG, Motorola, Nokia, HTC, etc, works with most back cover case on too
  • Extra strong suction-cup with sticky gel provides strong suction on most surfaces (including some textured surfaces), can withstand extreme temperatures in freezing cold winter and sizzling hot summer, yet is still easily removable
  • 360 degrees rotation, padded grip arm and leg to prevent any accidental scratches to your phone, grips securely onto your device with easy one touch release button allows easy removal
  • Package Contents: Aukey HD-C4S smartphone holder, Suction cup, User Manual, 18 Month worry-free warranty


I would recommend he Aukey universal smartphone windshield/dashboard mount t everyone looking to have a reliable car mount. It’s made of good material and it’s easy to use. Best of all the price is just right. It’s affordable for everyone! I would give this mount a 5 star review!