A Kickstarter that still needs some kick

Here’s a new idea that I haven’t seen yet: a phone case that lights up and tells you when you’re getting an call, text, or any other notification. SparkBeats takes a stab at this idea and tries to “shine some light” on the notification world. 

Well first we’ll talk about the case. Comes in either a black or white cases that covers your phone completely. Will it protect my phone if I drop it? Well simple answer is… I’m not going to drop my Iphone to find out. But from the feel of the case and quality, it would probably crack and break the case but the phone would probably be ok. That being said, let’s get straight to the actual idea and point of the case. 


The light up notification. The back of the case has a winding design that produces and pulsates light from your flash. Does it work? Sure, when you play around with the app. But in my case (ha funny pun right?) I had to keep playing with the app because the settings I would set would never save.. 

Long story short… Customer service 5 stars

Quality… 3 stars

I think if they make a new version of this phone and fix all the pitfalls it would be a great idea. But for me, I don’t think I can spend $49.95 on this. No, the price on this has to drop because at this time I don’t think its worth that much. 

It’s always fun to see former Kickstarter projects make it to market and to have a good light design fulfill the designers dreams. But, this has some work to do and as of right now my rating would be 3 out of 5 stars…. Because the customer service was great!

Buy it here for $49.95