1byone Multi-Function Smart Portable Car Jump Starter

1byone jump starter

Since I am a massive nerd when it comes to technology (who could have guessed?) there are a lot of different tech items I always have on me at all times. One of these items that I have in my car and keep in each of my family members cars is a portable car jump starter. This has saved me from a dead battery caused from the Chicago winter, and it has also saved a few of my friends as well.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Now don’t think that because you drive a brand new car or because you take care of your car so much that you will never have to worry about a dead battery. Because that’s just a bunch of bull. Your battery can die if you have a brand new car and it can be from a variety of reasons. This is why I including my family all have one of these in our cars.

Jump Starter That’s Easy To Use

The last thing you want to happen to you is to be stranded somewhere without any help and your car battery dies. Because of this I would highly recommend a battery jumper to keep in your car. This 1byone power bank/jump starter is a really nice piece of equipment that is both durable and reliable to carry with you in your car. It will jump start a dead battery in mere seconds.

1byone multi-function smart portable car jump starter power bank holds a large 9000mAh 12V battery that is able to not only jump start your car, but also able to charge your smartphones & other digital devices. Simply charge the portable battery to full, leave it in your car, and knock on wood you never have to use it.

jump starting a car

Final Thoughts

What really impressed me is all the safety measures that the 1byone jump starter has. I was worried about hooking it up wrong and messing up stuff but they made it with people like me in mind. It is error-proof. It won’t spark at you when you hook it up to a battery; it has reverse polarity protection. The thing is mistake-proof and that gives me confidence to use it. I also really like how high of quality the product is made of as well.
Overall, I thought that this was well put together and reliable product that I would trust to have in my car. It’s durable so you know it will last through the wear and tear, and it works flawlessly. I would highly recommend everyone have one of these in your car for safety! Don’t waste your time calling someone to jump your battery when you can do it yourself just as easy.